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"Music is a gift from God; it shows how beautiful it is when people come together for a common purpose."

In order to understand Johnny Cole and, for that matter, get some sense for why his music tends to stick around in your head and then your heart, you have to know his backstory.

You'd never guess it today, but Johnny Cole came from a broken home. His education was irregular, as were housing and clothing. He survived because he found a way through the Lord, guided there by his great-grandfather, "Pops," a WWII veteran who pioneered to Texas in a covered wagon and rose above "dirt floor poor" over a century ago. May Pops rest in peace; he has most certainly earned his reward.

At 18, inspired by his Pops, Johnny Cole escaped a cycle of brokenness by enlisting in the Air Force. He quickly rose to the rank of staff sergeant for his exceptional protection and maintenance of our nation's nuclear defense systems. At 23, he earned a Presidential Commendation for averting a missile crisis. Along with serving his country, Johnny Cole's passion was his music: songwriting, singing, and guitar picking. When Johnny Cole finished his service, he dedicated himself solely to music.

In the following years, Johnny Cole experienced and overcame much to bring his music to the world: a pandemic, race riots and political upheaval, and, most devastatingly, a service-connected illness. It is his experiences that give that irresistible, unique edge to his music. His songs speak to the trials, duties, and joys of a principled American man living in this modern world: an experience which everyone may relate and appreciate. 

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