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Bandwagon TV Memorial Day Special Interview

Bandwagon TV host Nick Armstrong featured Johnny Cole on his Memorial Day special episode. They discussed Johnny Cole's Air Force service, his patriotic songs, and fast-hitting facts about his personality.

Johnny Cole shared with Armstrong a unique fact about him: he has two first names, and no middle name. He also told Armstrong about his time in the Air Force. Johnny Cole worked on intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in Minot, North Dakota for 6 years.

Armstrong asked Johnny Cole why he decided to join the military.

"I've always really loved our country, and the opportunity to provide," explained Johnny Cole. "The military is just a great opportunity. One, you get to serve your country and try to help make the world a little bit better, God willing. And it also just gives you the opportunity to meet new people, to travel, to get an education - which was something that I really wanted to do, I ended up getting my associate's degree in the military - but ultimately, I just wanted to serve my country. I wanted to serve and protect it. It's just really that simple, I guess."

Singing audibly in the background was Johnny Cole's Blue Heeler puppy, Waylon - named after the one of the country greats, Waylon Jennings.

Armstrong asked Johnny Cole how the Nashville sound of country music compared to others, like Red Dirt country. Johnny Cole explained that much of the action around publishing, record deals, and media happens in Nashville.

"I think there's definitely similarities," said Johnny Cole. "There's a lot of music industry [there] as far as publishers, Spotify, record labels - everything's in Nashville. When it comes to media, you got three big towns: you got LA, New York, and Nashville."

Johnny Cole added that the Texas style of music, in a lot of ways, is more authentic. He noted the tendency for a lot of the new country music to have programmers, whereas the majority of Texas country music doesn't.

When asked for his favorite veteran-owned business, Johnny Cole highlighted the Leatherwood Distillery in Pleasant View, TN. He also shared that his favorite cigar pairing is a cup of Black Rifle Coffee.

The perfect motorcycle, according to Johnny Cole, is a Harley Davidson - an all-American classic. And, when pressed to pick between the two, Johnny Cole selected George Strait over Johnny Cash. But if Johnny Cole had the option to co-pilot with a musician, dead or alive, it would either be Zakk Wylde or Ted Nugent.

The interview finished with Johnny Cole sharing an acoustic rendition of his yet-to-be-released song, "These Colors Don't Run" - a patriotic song about standing up and fighting for America.

Watch Johnny Cole's full interview here:

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