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"Dose of Did You Know" with Dani Rocco

Johnny Cole Murdock appeared on "Dose of Did You Know," a show featuring an array of inspiring, intriguing, unique individuals discussing their lives. Those qualities are fitting for Johnny Cole - they apply to his military service, collegiate pursuits, current music career, and even his name. That was what caught Rocco's eye first about Johnny Cole Murdock, before she'd even heard his music - his name.

"Is that like your real name, because that is kind of perfect," remarked Rocco, laughing. "Some names are more bada** than others."

Rocco also mentioned that she admired Johnny Cole's boldness in his Christian faith. She asked him how that's factored into his college decisions, and why others may not want to be as vocal about their faith. Johnny Cole said that his faith in God is what sustains him - and that doors shut to him because of his faith don't bother him.

"My faith is everything to me. Any important people I've met in my life, God put them there," said Johnny Cole. "When you start talking about your faith, it has connotations of things you believe to be true. And if you believe some things to be true, then it also connotes that some things are not true and you [inherently] make a stand. And a lot of people don't want to do that because it calls people out[.]"

As for his military career, Johnny Cole explained that he served in the Air Force for six years as a Minot Air Force Base missile maintainer in North Dakota. As niche of a job as he had, Johnny Cole said that it was an important one.

"That's kind of a crazy job nobody really knows about - it's a small career field," said Johnny Cole.

Johnny Cole also teased the release of his first-ever single, "Girl Let's Go Dancing." After the single releases, he will also release a music video. Fast fact: Johnny Cole arranged and tracked all of the music himself, and is the sole lyricist for the single.

Watch the entirety of Johnny Cole's interview with Rocco here (24 minutes):


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