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The People's Patriot Project Interview

Johnny Cole had the pleasure of sharing his latest music and career updates with the People's Patriot Project (WeP3), an organization that provides a support network for military members, veterans, first responders, and support personnel to ensure their health, happiness, and success. Johnny Cole and WeP3 chatted through the nonprofit's music outreach initiative, WeP3 Radio, which features and supports artists within the classes of people they support.

Johnny Cole shared that since he last met with his WeP3 friends, he released his first-ever single that charted on the Texas country radio charts, "Girl Let's Go Dancing," and finished his home recording studio in East Texas.

Unfortunately, that was all the major updates he could share. Johnny Cole let them know that he suffered from a sudden health condition in the fall that required a harsh hiatus from music. Yet, he still had good news to share. As of the last few montsh, he received word of a promising treatment for his health condition — much to WeP3's delight.

WeP3 has grown as well. They have further developed their website and expanded their reach across the country, enabling them to provide even more help to the people who serve and protect this nation.

If you would like to support their amazing cause, please consider checking out their website or their Facebook page.

To close the interview, Johnny Cole shared one of his upcoming originals: "Someday." Check it out here, along with the rest of the interview, and God bless:


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